Using git-plus + pagent (private key PuTTY *.ppk format with passphrase) under Windows 7



I’m a pretty new in using Atom and wanted to make it working on my Windows 7 workplace machine.
So is there any easy to understand guide what I have todo to use a ssh key with passphare in PuTTY format?

I would like to prevent to create a new key and add the public key to git again etc.

I already installed git-bash and the Package git-plus in Atom.

With git-bash everthing works fine I can clone my porject and also commit stuff (I transformed my key to OpenSSH format using putty in advance and of course the command line tool asks for my passphrase).

Now I would like to make it working with Atom as well. Atom does not seem to ask for a passphrase if I leave it as it is. I got:

<my_account>@<our_git_url>: Permission denied (publickey) fatal: could not read from remote repository

After opening my PuTTY format private key with pagent and set the path variable GIT_SSH to the file “C:\putty\plink.exe” it looked a bit better.
(after some seconds the pop up messages disappear, no error is shown)
But the commit and pushed stuff is never reaching my repository (checked via browser).

Additionally in the bottem right some kind of push is hanging, but I don’t see the exact problem.

Does anyone has a tipp for me? How can I analyze what exactly is the problem here?
When I go to the git-plus Log I see my commit listed but as explained nothing is really pushed to the repo.

Thanks for any help in advance.