Using etch in a web app (so not in an electron app)?



Just curious, does anyone use etch inside a webpage? If so, what were your experiences with it? How did you use it? (Webpack? Browserify? Some other solution?) Were there any problems that need to be solved before applying it to your project? If you tried it (or just looked at it), and decided against it, what were your reasons against it? What would you suggest instead and why?

I’m asking, because I believe our company’s web application is in the need of some client side umm… lets say “modernization”. (Our current code base heavily relies on jquery. lol.) However I kind of see React as something too much/bloated for our purposes, and I’m currently looking for a simpler, more KISS solution for client side component structure with virtual dom.

BTW What was the reason for Atom to write its own solution instead of using something else?

What's the status of React in Atom?