Using Emmet's 'auto_id_class': true from Sublime


A great setting you can add to Sublime’s user preferences (preferences.sublime-settings) is this handy little number: 'auto_id_class': true and what it would do is allow you to type a period . within an HTML tag and it would auto generate class="" within that tag. Same for a # that generates id="" if I can remember correctly I think this is a hidden feature within Emmet. Anyone successfully implemented this into Atom? Both within the scope of an HTML doc as well as a PHP doc. Thanks!


Don’t know for sure as I never use them myself, but maybe you can use snippets to accomplish this.


I’m looking for this too. Did you find a setting or package for this? If I don’t find anything I’ll have a go at creating it.


No luck still, so far.


@SpeakInCode I had a go at creating an atom package auto-id-class, check it out.


Works, perfectly! You’re a badass. Thanks man!!