Using d3 browserify instead of d3


For my git-log package i am currently using d3. But it seems to be throwing a lot of dependency issues lately. So any of you have any idea whether i can use d3 browserify for the same.


I am having numerous issues using d3…

First of all i am getting a error in jsdom. so if i bump up its version, i get a error in contextify.

@abe @leedohm @batjko Any suggestions of alternative package to d3 i can use… which are similar…

Hoping for some help

Thank youi


If it’s for your git-log package maybe you could go without any package at all, it seems simple enough to be written from scratch without much hassle (basically you just need to draw lines and circles).


@NikhilKalige I agree with @abe, it shouldn’t be too hard to do yourself. The only JavaScript graphics library I’m at all familiar with is D3 … and even that one, not so much :blush:

Sorry I can’t be more help. If I think of something, I’ll let you know.