Using Atom with other tools in a toolchain

This is a suggestion mainly for Ubuntu users.

My Atom configuration has become rather bloated with many packages. I was using project-viewer to create virtual projects to launch in tree-view Projects panel. The Atom native file manager … File Open File and File Open Folder – is less than ideal and opens Nautilus to select folders/files.

Since I use Krusader Dual Panel file manager (the equivalent in Windows is Total Commander) I created some UserActions in Krusader and this now allows Krusader to act as a front-end to Atom to manage what is loaded into tree-view. Now I do not need project-viewer although I am thinking about other uses for this package.

Basically, the suggestion is to explore how other tools might work with Atom in a tool chain. For example, do I need terminal emulators in Atom if I can trigger Yakuake Terminal Emulator.

Extension of idea.
I want to have “virtual projects” which I display in Atom tree-view Projects.

For each of many directories scattered around my filesystem I can create a symlink and place it in a central directory …

e.g. ~/__LINKS

Here is the command to create a symlink

ln -s /path/directory ~/__LINKS/Name

Now I just select a symlink in Krusader and apply the UserAction to launch the virtual project in Atom.

This is the simple UserAction in Krusader which launches selected folder or file (and now symlink).

atom -a %aCurrent%