Using Atom with Chromium Canary


Is there a way to use (or build) Atom against Chromium Canary?

There are some new features in Canary I’d like to use in a package.

Building atom with chromium and HiDPI support

You’d have to build a custom version of Atom Shell with it first and then build Atom using your custom version of Atom Shell. I’d take a look at the history of the atom-shell project to see how @zcbenz does it.


you’ll have to build the custom atom-shell as @leedohm said, I can offer some insight into doing that.

first check out the wiki for brightray/libchromiumcontent and brightray itself, start by getting atom shell itself building, then pulling down brightray and then libchromiumcontent (there are scripts to do this in the vendor folder) - provided the canary source hasn’t changed the v8 or blink APIs from the current chromium version atom shell is using, you should just be able to pull the complete source from gclient and recompile libchromiumcontent after applying the patches. in my experience this required some minor edits to the python scripts to stop it from attempting to download the chromium source from tarball again but keep in mind that’s what you will probably end up having to do. not all of the patches are 100% critical so if you just want certain features working your best bet is to just get it compiling.

build libchromiumcontent, take the artifacts and stick em’ in the vendor directory (you may have to move some of these around not all of them ended up in the out/Release folder in my case) - in particular v8’s was in a separate folder and the v8.lib is needed to build atom/iojs. once you have all the lib files you should be able to rebuild brightray easily from visual studio / make, and once you’ve rebuilt that (may have to modify atom-shell’s build script s to use your built version instead of the dl’d vendor one) you should be good to go.

i doubt you are gonna get into all that if you are just developing a package, but for future reference i can offer custom support for this kind of thing, zcbenz is usually quite good about helping people out with atom-shell related stuff as well. shoutout to him, he’s da’ man.