Using atom to work with vim encrypted files


Hi, we have some “private” files in our repo which are simply encrypted using the built-in encryption of vim. Is there a way to use atom to edit those files and enter the password for decryption?


Not to my knowledge, and the way Vim goes about encryption is a little “weird” anyway.

Depends on version and in new enough ones, what the user decided to set as a crypt method.

I guess as with all things you could write your own plugin to solve this, but I can’t see why GitHub would bother to ship something like this as part of Atom core.


I don’t know Vim encryption, but I definitely miss some AES encryption/decryption for sensitive text files as provided by TextMate.
Does anybody knows if atom will support such AES features in a near future?


This sounds like an easy enough package to write, especially given the examples of the Image View and Archive View packages. Especially if you’re not trying to duplicate vim’s encryption scheme and just using something like GPG to do the encryption/decryption.