Using atom-terminal


Hitting alt-shift-t after having installed the atom-terminal extension (link: brings up the terminal, but not in the current directory.

I realise that this is a bit of a noob question, but what am I doing wrong?


Open terminal on current file’s directory with ctrl-shift-t.

Open a terminal in the project’s root directory with alt-shift-t.

Project root refers to the top level folder in the tree view.


So as of now, hitting ctrl-shift-t does not do anything, and alt-shift-t brings up the terminal but in my user directory as opposed to in the project’s root directory.

I’m using a Mac, if that’s relevant.


My bad, I should have warned you not to use that package. It’s no longer maintained (last commit 2015).

Try (note: this one doesn’t need / have other any IDE components besides the name)



platformio-ide-terminal works perfectly. Thank you so much!