Using Atom IDE with gerrit


Hi, I’m new to atom, and have been reading all about this cool new IDE. Trying to learn.
Haven’t seen any documentation or examples of this but I wanted to ask.

Does atom have a workflow that makes working with gerrit,, easy to do? I would imagine that some of the git plugins might be adaptable, but didn’t want to start hacking on that if someone already accomplish the task.

Looking for advice and tips.

Thanks! for all responses.


I haven’t seen any packages that integrate Gerrit. Some Travis-related packages, but no Gerrit yet as far as I can see.

Atom is not currently aiming to be an IDE, though, so support for development workflows is so far somewhat limited (apart from an in-built feature to run package specs which is neat).

However, if you know exactly what you want to do with Gerrit, you can always look at creating a package for it. :wink:


I got some inspiration from git-plus project this weekend and implemented a very basic package that would meet my needs: