Using Atom for IronPython Development


I’m using Atom for development in Python and it works great but I need to do some development in IronPython. Is there any available/under development package that supports development in IronPython in Atom?

Is there an easy way to hack one of the Python packages to get it to work for IronPython?



What’s unique about IronPython that would need special support?


Maybe it is my lack of knowledge but I can’t import IronPython libraries and execute an IronPython code in Atom using available Python packages. I need to use C# dlls in Python (or are you asking why do I need to use IronPython vs Python?)

Right now I’m just trying to import clr as a proof of concept. I have IronPython installed and set current working directory in Configure Run Options

import clr


Atom doesn’t execute code of any kind out-of-the-box. (Well, except for JavaScript.) For that you might want to take a look at the build package.


Thanks. I had the setup for IronPython wrong apparently. Now I can import and run the code using script package. For other people reference you need to set Current Working Directory to IronPython installation folder and Command to ipy.exe


Hi @mostaphaRoudsari were you ever able to get this to work in terms of Autocomplete for clr references?


Hi @gtalarico, Not really. I got a hack-y version to work which was good enough for what I needed at the time and then I never checked it again. I think the right path is to add the functionality to Jedi. I opened an issue but again closed it once I had the hack-y version.


hello mostaphaRoudsari, I tried this, but every time I close atom it seems to reset, do you know how to avoid this?