Using Atom dev tools as IDE to hack on atom (Workspace > Add folder in dev tools settings not responding)?


In Chrome dev tools it’s possible to Add folder from a file system, which can then be linked to source in Sources tab (kind-of-a sourcemap that links remote resources to local ones), allowing you to use dev tools as IDE, to work on local files.

If I’m not clear, the feature is described here.

In Atom dev tools > Settings > Workspace, when I click on Add folder nothing happens.

Atom 0.129.0


Confirmed on Win8.

A lot of features that work with Chrome, are not enabled by default when you use Chromium elsewhere.
This is probably one of those occasions. I suppose that means there might possibly be a switch or so but whether that is exposed to Atom I don’t know.


Also had this issue on OS X 10.10.4, wondering if there was work-around or fix for this?