Using atom beta from the command line


How does one trigger atom beta from the command line? I have both installed, but I’ve been primarily using the beta, however Git commits (which use atom as the default editor) and the atom command launch the stable app.


You can use the atom-beta command to execute the Beta channel Atom app specifically. It is a drop-in replacement for the atom command.



Bonus question:

When activating the atom or atom-beta command line command, is there a way to make the app open a new tab in the current window, instead of a new window all together?

In the case of git commands, it opens a new window with a “project” for the .git directory inside my main project. Instead, i want a single new tab for the git message editor inside the current project window.


No, there is currently no way to force it to reuse the same window.


There is now!
Just type atom -a <dirname> or atom-beta -a <dirname> where <dirname> is the name of the directory you want to open. It will open it as a new folder in tree view in atom.