Using Atom as the default text editor on Windows 8.1


It appears the path of the Atom executable changes on every update. For example, it is currently %LOCALAPPDATA%\atom\app-0.207.0.

I now have two questions:

  • On Windows 8.1, how do you set Atom as the default text editor for a file type?
  • How do you tell Windows to open all extension-less files with Atom? I think this is possible with a registry edit, but I forgot how.
  • Even better… Can you make Windows obey MIME types for file associations, with a third-party tool?


You should have the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\atom\bin which atom keeps update with a pointer to the latest version.

On 8.1 if you right click a file and select Open With, then Choose Default Program and then look for more apps on my pc and browse to %LOCALAPPDATA%\atom\bin\atom.cmd

Problem with this is that you get a little command prompt pop up every time and you dont get the atom logo for the file type.

I’d hope that once 1.0 comes out Atom for windows will be updated to be a little friendlier to the OS. It feels a little token gesture at the moment.


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