Using Atom and VSCode in tandem

On Ubuntu 16.04, for development, I have started an experiment using Atom and VSCode in tandem (i.e. toggling between these two frameworks on a common projects base in desktop) in order to leverage different features.

So far, so good.
But anything I should watch out for (other than the use of resources)?

Not to my knowledge.

If you call editor programs “frameworks”, you’re going to end up confusing a lot of people.

Accepted. I’ll call them “ecosystems” since in my view they are rather more than editors. Particularly so when extensions/packages are added.

I haven’t had any issues running Code and Atom together. Personally I think that Atom runs better than VSCode, but there are some features in Code that I still need to use. Code has much better PowerShell support and some of the beautifiers are more forgiving than Atom. There are times at work that I have both open and working with files in the same project folder. Still haven’t come across an error that was related to using both tools simultaneously

Thanks for the feedback.

I have been using both together for a few months now (sessions open at same time and working on common multiple projects).

I feel that VSCode offers a cleaner UI as an IDE whereas Atom is more open to extensions (“hackability”) such as adding custom tool bar items.

Currently I am working on a python script to export Atom project-viewer settings into VSCode Project Manager.

This will allow both applications to remain in sync.

I have read that even key bindings can be synced but I have not gone that far yet.

I wrote up here my first experiments in “driving” VSCode window from Atom and this works quite well using automation scripts.

The problem is finding an automation scripting tool which works across Windows/Linux/Mac. Right now I am focussed on Ubuntu workflow.

I found that VSCode offers better support for haXe development. The VSCode extensions are curated by Microsoft (which goes against the grain for Linux users). But on the other hand perhaps Atom packages are too open for anyone to write custom packages and some packages are abandoned.

I have docked both application windows in different virtual workspaces on desktop for easy toggling.

I will just add that I have installed PowerShell on Ubuntu to try to get consistency across applications (VSCode is strong in use of PowerShell).

In summary these two work horses work very well together without conflict.

Yep. They live next to each other on my Taskbar. I open up code about once a week. I really like bracket-pair-colorizer and the custom Taskbar. I really dislike how hard it is to bind keys (and I constantly miss vim mode plus).

Atom is just more beautiful and well designed, in my opinion. All the UI has great use of whitespace, especially the find and replace, fuzzy finder, and tree view. Customizing things is first class (init file, stylesheet, keybindings, and snippets all live in the first menu). And as you mentioned, while both editors have great package ecosystems, atom packages are a little easier to write and have more access to the internals. (VS Code packages run in a separate process, so their access to the editor is limited to whatever fits into IPC)