Using async enum values in config schema


I want to set an enum type with async options… is there a way to alter those enum values and “refresh” the setting view of my package once I have this values? so far documentation hasn’t gave me any clues about how to do this :\

… newbie here so please have some patience if this is obvious :slight_smile:


If I’m understanding you correctly, no, there is currently no way to leave the values undefined and then define them dynamically when your package’s page in Settings View is displayed. If settings can dynamically change from person to person and installation to installation, you can just use the config in a schema-less fashion. If you want to help people configure or select things, you can create a custom UI for that and save their selection in the config using atom.config.set.


Thanks for answering! I wouldn’t use an entire settings object per user, but certainly I would like to modify the schema of any given field - so once the package is loaded, config schema is immutable? If that’s the case, what should I look for in documentation?


It’s assumed to be immutable outside of a code change, so yes.

The config schema documentation can be found here:


Thanks man!