User Interface or system font is not working


I don’t know how to put this but, system or UI default fonts have crashed or bugged or i don’t know what just happened, i have tried to reinstall twice and still encounter the same problem, even in safe mode as well.

Please help me out in this, all of my project as stucked as i was so into ATOM only, don’t want to change the editor anyway.

please check the image:



What happens if you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? What happens if you rename the .atom folder in your user directory, then open the editor?


yes, i have opened it in, safe mode as well, and it shows the same screen as it is shown above in my first thread, i did not get the point of renaming .atom directory, can you please explain, it bit more further…


All of Atom’s configuration information is stored in .atom. This folder is automatically generated if it doesn’t exist, and if there’s a problem inside it, you can reinstall Atom for as long as you want and nothing will change. Renaming .atom allows you to test whether the problem exists in that folder without getting rid of all your packages and configurations.