User data file problem using auto-launch


Needs some guidance and direction on the following puzzle:
Background Info-
1.We have an Electron App and packaged it with Electron Packager. ( for Windows)
2. We use a userdata file called ‘UserSetting.txt’ for persistance . The “UserSetting.txt” file is used by the ‘fs.readFile’ and fs.writeFile’ to read in some user entered data that is then used in the APP


  1. Using the packaged .exe file , double clicking on the .exe file. Everything works OK . We are able to write in to the UserSetting.txt and read back into the app.

Problem is:
2. We used ‘auto-launch’ to auto start the APP on login to the Windows.
When using ‘auto-launch’ the App starts up, but we get a ERROR message. We narrowed it down to some path issue with the ‘UserSetting.txt’ but not sure why there is a difference when using auto launch and when manually opeing the .exe.