User Configurable Settings


Hey all, I wonder if anyone has any ideas how I can get this intended functionality to work…

I want users to be able to define a list of two pairs of words, words to find, and words to replace. At the moment I have two arrays rendered as text fields, and the first item in the find list is replaced by the respective item in the replace list. Not great, but it’s simple and works.

What I’d like is for users to add additional text box pairs, so they could say have one list of words to search and replace, then define another etc etc, as many as they want.

Can ability think how I could accomplish this? anyone in a user friendly, not-too-technical (for users) way?


Create a custom Atom application version

You could have a pane with text fields. Two per row, with a button for the user to submit and a button to add a new row. It might look something like this (that example actually doesn’t work and I’m not sure why it resets itself, but that’s the basic idea). An Atom package would have a function tied to the Submit button that goes through the rows and performs each operation on the document.


Ahhh, cool idea! Will look into it :slight_smile: Thanks!