Use value of $1 in snippet



the snippet-section in the docs is a little sparing on details.

How can I get this to work?


Basically by default it should show


If I change the first value it changes all three, afterwards I can go to the next stop and change the individual values.
This works fine like this in Textmate, but how will it work in Atom?


By looking at the specs it seems there’s no case like that.
I’ll try to look if it can be implemented easily.


Ok, two good news: It feasible already and it’s super easy:

rgb(${1:255}, ${1:${2:255}}, ${1:${3:255}})

For the details, I just tried the following snippet, based on the nested tabstop example in the specs:

'.source.sass, .source.less, .source.stylus, .source.css'
    'prefix': 'rgb'
    'body': 'rgb(${1:255}, ${1:${2:255}}, ${1:${3:255}})'


Perfect, this is exactly what I need, thanks.

This should be added to the docs .