Use the `atom-text-editor` tag instead of the `editor` class


That’s strange. Is your theme already on GitHub? Might be easiest to see what’s wrong.


Totally strange. I added it to my github account to make it easier to play with. Atom Testing Theme on Github Link


When I first updated my Kuroir theme, I also didn’t get the selection color. It was just not there. But this setup fixed it:


Ok, I tried it locally and the selection worked, but the background color was transparent and therefore whatever the UI theme was using underneath. When checking in the DevTools, it got overridden by this:

To my understanding the .editor selector shouldn’t have an effect because syntax themes should only get loaded inside the Shadow DOM, but maybe Atom currently still loads it outside to not break a lot of themes that didn’t get updated.

Anyways, I made a PR that should fix it: It wraps the whole thing inside atom-text-editor, :host so the .editor at line 59 doesn’t override the background color again.


@smlombardi added a commet on your gist:


Thanks Simurai, I conformed it fixes both issues, I merged your pull request, and updated the readme. Thanks for fixing that issue!

Edit: That theme is the default that’s created when you choose it in Atom so hopefully there’s a fix for it. In the mean time I’ll use the testing theme as a base for new themes.


Yeah, that’s a good point. Looks like it got changed just 4 days ago: So should be in the next release.