Use Sublime's syntax for Clojure?


The Clojure syntax on Atom is… alright, but not as good as Sublime’s.

For example, Sublime’s syntax has highlighting support for:

  • defn arguments

  • loop, for etc. arguments as well:

      (loop [a 0 b []]

    a and b are the arguments, and 0 and [] are the values of the arguments respectively

  • different types of keywords, as opposed to Atom’s

  • etc. etc.

It shouldn’t be too hard to switch Sublime’s YAML syntax to Atom’s JSON syntax.


I agree that the Clojure highlighting is rather lacking in Atom. However, it is unlikely that any member of the Atom team will be able to spend time in the near future to convert the YAML file to something Atom can understand, and to verify that there are no regressions. It is definitely something that I would review if a PR was created for that conversion process though.