Use Snippets in the Search Bar (Find in Project)


I’m wondering if there is a way to use Snippets in the ‘Find in Project’ search bar.
This would be useful to have. You could Import premade regexes and other seach strings.

For example:
Say you want to find all variants of your defined command FCMD(20) which are

You’d probably try using a regex like: (FCMD)((|_IMP(|_STATUS()(20))
Now if you have to use this multiple time a day… A Snippet would be very handy in that case.

Doesn anyone have an idea of how to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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I don’t know anything about using snippets in mini editors. But the up and down arrows in the search field are used to navigate search history. So if you want to make another search that is similar or the same as one you have recently made this is a quick way to find the previous search query.


Hi @Ben3eeE
That’s some wonderful advice. I didn’t know that.
Still I’d like to have the possibility to use Snippets since I work with People who are not at all familiar with regex so they’d have to c/p their searchphrase in all the time.

Thanks tough!