"Use React Editor" cannot be found in Atom v. 1.0.2


I was using this refactor package when once I noticed it says it was a “deprecated” package, but I just disabled it so Atom won’t bother notifying me everytime (also because I was quite not using it anymore at that time). But now I badly need a refactor feature just like in IDEs and Sublime Text, and when I happen to arrive at the refactor package page it says that:

Notification: Activate 'Use React Editor' in preferences pane. Refactor package greater than v0.3 no longer supports for the legacy editor. If you want more info about the React Editor, you can see React Editor Enabled by Default.

I visited that blog post and saw this:

But I noticed it does not exist in mine:

Why is this? Was it “withdrawn” the moment Atom reached v.1?

Correct me if I’m wrong but it says on your blog post that this was available since v.0.116.0. And in
"How do I get it?", it says
“All you need to do is update to the latest version of atom.”

Was there anything I missed? I’m sorry I tried to search for this but came up with nothing.


The react editor is ancient history. Is the package up to date?


I see, so was it “withdrawn” for real? I’m not quite sure, but the latest update was on September 8 on its v.0.6.0, so I guess it’s a little updated except that is documentation wasn’t.


I think I finally found when React was dropped: https://github.com/atom/atom/pull/5624

Anyway, React is long gone from Atom. If this package still makes references to it, that’s a bug in the package.