Use language keywords in custom language


as I couldn’t find a package for the language I need, I’m currently developing one. It has many similarities to C, so I would like it to look similar as well. However I have problems using keywords like keyword.operator.comparison. or keyword.operator.assignment.. The scopes are recognized correctly but not highlighted.
Is there a way to see the keywords Atom knows? How/Where can I add new ones or how can I use those of C?
I tried it with “include”: “source.c” but at least the way I tried to use it didn’t work.


Atom doesn’t know any keywords without a package to tell it what to know. The highlighting for scopes that have been assigned is determined by the syntax theme. So if you want to see what scopes are standard, you can look at core themes like one-dark-syntax. When looking at that, mentally cut out all instances of syntax--; that’s just in there to make sure UI and syntax styles don’t mix.


Thanks a lot! Now I know how to continue…