Use HTML Snippets inside PHP files



I would be very good if all available HTML snippets to be used in PHP as well. Normally i dont have any html file at all and i use PHP for my HTML files.

Any idea how this can be easy done?

Thanks in advance


HTML snippets should show up when you’re in an HTML block inside a PHP file. Can you give an example of when it works and when it doesn’t?


Thank you for your reply!

It’s very strange that i have missed that, i checked now and they are working fine. Maybe i was inside a php block.

Anyway, again thank you!

Atom is the best editor so far. Keep up with this great tool!



Could you tell me how to do ?
Because, it is an index.php entirely like an html block. After creating index.php, i would like to do exactly like an index.html,
example, i do !+tab and nothing happens, header.header must give me , instead, i have .header.
In sublime text or phpstorm, every thing goes well.
Thank you for helping me.
Best regards,
My ATOM version is 1.19.3