Use Ctrl + mouse wheel to increase/decrease text size


To easily zoom text in and out, the package wheel-zoom allows you to hold control and scroll wheel to increase/decrease text:

Enjoy :smile:


I’m thinking this may actually fit into core, given it’s a rather standard feature, following native systems.


For Production purposes, I would remove the console log here:

activate: (state) ->
    atom.workspaceView.on 'mousewheel', @onMouseWheel
    console.log "wheel-zoom Added mousewheel event"


Thanks, I have removed the console log and republished.

I think people will find it quite useful and natural.


+1 for core functionality


Great job! And I agree, this would be a perfect fit for core functionality.


Thanks! :smile:

Yeah I have found it useful even just in the last couple of days using it.


If people want this to be core functionality then it needs to be made into a pull request and see what the Atom team says.


I have created a pull request:


This conflicts directly with screen zoom on Mac OS X, which is not only very useful, but also an accessibility feature.


I added your concerns as a comment on the PR, @freshyill:


Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the PR to have the feature only enabled by default for non-OSX clients.