Use atomdoc in my own Project?


Does somebody knows how the atom documentation (the HTML) is built? I would like to use for my own project, because i like the syntax.

I couldn’t find how the HTML is generated out of the atomdoc json.


To my understanding, the Atom team generates the HTML itself using custom, unreleased tools built on top of AtomDoc, donna and tello. I wanted the same thing as you, that’s why I created Endokken:

Endokken takes the output of the above tools and generates HTML documentation from it, so you can use AtomDoc in your own projects.


Cool :smile:
Thanks a lot @leedohm! I will try it out :slight_smile: It would be nice to include a demo image of how the Docs look like in the Github README.


You can now see the Endokken documentation for Endokken itself at: