Use 3D WebGL on a canvas element in an Atom package?


I’m trying to get webGL running on a canvas element in Atom (v1.3.2, OS X) - no success (“browser doesn’t support…”).

In principle, it should be possible with the Chromium codebase thou, right? Any directions you could point me?

  • Do I maybe need a custom build of Atom?
  • Does any have a working minimal example of how to init webGL in Atom?

I used the html-tab package by Mark Hahn as a starting point to open a HTML tab with a canvas element.
Thanks for any help at all :slightly_smiling:


I have been after the same thing. Have used “atom-brouser” which is only package I can get to load successfully. Rather irritatingly somtimes WebGL works with this and somtimes it dosent seeming to turn on and off randomly ?! You may have more sucsess.