Usage as text editor without loading a project directory

Context: when opening files from the browser, Atom loads the full temp directory as project.

How do I setup Firefox and Windows to use Atom as a text editor, not an IDE? I really like the versatility of Atom and want to use it, but in 80% of my use cases it should not put effort in loading the tree view (and assumingly parsing its contents) which takes quite a long time.

I looked at some topics about “hangs on startup”, but none of them seemed to cover this question.

The only way to open a file without loading that file’s folder is to already have a different project folder open. Atom will not let you do otherwise. You might be able to code a brand new open() that doesn’t do that, but you’d be on your own.

I recommend keeping a light-weight text editor like Notepad++ around for quick edits and cases like you loading things from the browser, or if you need to open a big log file (which Atom also has difficulty with).

This will be changing when ships :rocket:



Can you explain one of your “use cases” in particular where does Firefox enter into your workflow?
Do you simply wish to attach notes to each Firefox url?

Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t been following that. :slight_smile:

Well, this is just the reason why the file is in the temp directory. And I mentioned FF, because I am not sure whether it uses the “open with”-settings of windows or keeps its own ones.

@smashwilson thank you for the pointer. I found so many topics about the opposite (i.e. “please make atom re-open the most recent projects”) that I expected @DamnedScholar’s answer final. Happy now :smile: