URI handling no longer works as expected

I have a simple plugin for chrome that allows me to open my LESS source files from chromes web inspector. It was opening files with the following URI:


It no longer works, although it will focus atom leading me to believe that its expecting a different syntax? I’m unable to find any documentation for it… anyone got a pointer?

I’m still stuck with this - if anyone has any input…

That filename looks like a relative path and I don’t think atom would be able to discover it easily. Have you tried with an absolute path?

This file path was working fine until the recent update.

:man_shrugging: I’m surprised by that. Did you try it with the absolute path though?

Because of the way I’m compiling the source maps a relative (to the project) path is the only portable path I have across different systems.

I’ll try an absolute path for the sake of knocking it off of the list.

I was unable to find any documented changes in the updates, and this has been working for over a year.

Gotcha. Well I hope you figure it out. I actually haven’t used the protocol handling

It looks like project paths are no longer supported with the protocol handling (this used to be the case) You were right and it does work with a full path.
I’ll open an issue on Atom

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Confirmed to be a bug in Atom. Bug ticket here: