[Urgent]: atom replaced my updated markdown file with an older version when I opened my file in Win7 but modified in Ubuntu


I have a markdown file written in Window7 system.

  1. I modified it a lot in Ubuntu system for more than one month.
  2. I tried to open the markdown file in Win7 today, atom cannot open normally.
  3. Then I changed the project folder path, and Atom asked me do you want to restore your last version, I clicked yes. Then I find that the file is actually the old version, not the version I updated in Ubuntu.
  4. After that, I opened the file in Ubuntu, it becomes the old version,too. This means I cannot find my updated version.

I have a lot of experiment process and data written in the updated version of the file. So are there any solutions to find my updated version ?

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I’m a graduate student and rely on that data to finish my thesis.


You could try some data recovery software. Otherwise, you told Atom to restore the latest version (on Windows) and didn’t have any backup plan for what appears to be a very important file.


I’ve tried one data recovery software and it didnt work. Actually the file is replaced by an old version, not deleted.
Could you tell me the steps to tell the Atom to restore the previous/latest version ?
Many thanks !

Can I restore an old version of .md file from the compile cache or is there any method that I can get back my old version>

You’re out of luck. Atom can’t go back in time. You should look into setting up a backup scheme. You can do one with Dropbox that doesn’t cost anything for the first 3 gigabytes.