Uploading an Excel file and showing its rows


I have to do a desktop application that reads and loads the content of an Excel file and shows its rows.
So that the user can select some of these rows.
Is it possible with Electron? Is there a plugin that could help me?

Thank you



It’s possible, and you want to do it in pretty much the same way you’d do it on a web site, except that the server is inside the application in the form of Node.js, so you don’t have to talk to an external server. I haven’t ever needed to display a spreadsheet in JavaScript, but if I did, I would Google for keywords like “JavaScript spreadsheet library” and check out links hosted at sites like this one.


Thank you, really a spreadsheet is a bit much for my purposes.
However the one you proposed is a very nice tool.
I simply need to show the lines as a table with the possibility to select the lines.
I’ve used js-xlsx to convert an Excel file into a Json and now I’m looking for something to show these lines.
I’ve found this library https://datatables.net/ I don’t know if I can use it into an Electron program.



I imagine you can. I’ve seen jQuery in Atom, and it says it works with jQuery.