Upgrading APM and is this the latest version?


Sorry if there is an obvious answer, but how does apm gets updated?

At the moment when I run apm --version I get these versions

from which I can tell that at least the npm is not using the latest version available on my dev box

Note: running apm update doesn’t change the installed version (not that I was expecting it to, since it looks like it behaves just like npm update)

Also, how can I know what are the latest version of apm?

At the moment my Atom is on version 0.169.0

Which I think is the latest one, but can’t also confirm since there is no visual clue at


This is the APM github repository: https://github.com/atom/apm

Right now apm is version 0.118


And to answer your other question… apm gets updated with atom (at least on Linux it does)


As @olmokramer stated, apm gets updated along with Atom (on all platforms).


so shouldn’t mine be updated?

I’m on the latest atom but am 1 version behind on apm


You should be fine if you just update atom with the official installers :slight_smile:


No, because apm is updated when Atom is updated. So just because apm is on version X now doesn’t mean that was the version when the current version of Atom was released.


I’m on Ubuntu and I’m also on 0.117.0 so I guess this is normal.