Updating packages have started to fail on windows? [SOLVED]


I have windows 7, ATOM 1.3.0-beta1 (have been broken for me however for two weeks I think)

I tried reinstalling Visual studio 2013 community edition today, but alas it did not help.

I get the following error message:

Updating to “atom-beautify@0.28.18” failed.Hide output…gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@2.0.2
gyp info using node@0.10.40 | win32 | ia32
gyp http GET https://atom.io/download/atom-shell/v0.34.3/node-v0.34.3.tar.gz
gyp WARN 
Compiler tools not foundPackages that depend on modules that contain C/C++ code will fail to install.Read here for instructions on installing Python and Visual Studio.Run apm install --check after installing to test compiling a native module.

Any help appreciated!

Also, the link provided forwards to


The build instructions for Windows can be found here:


Has the requirement for python in C:\Python27 changed?

I have always had it in C:\Anaconda, and it worked some weeks ago. Unfortunately I do not have enough privileges on my computer to use mklink.

Any workarounds?


Had an admin fix the mklink, but it did not work.

Tried to reinstall both node js, github desktop, and visual studio 2013 update 5.

Is it possible to get a more detailed error report what went wrong? Right now it only states Packages that depend on modules that contain C/C++ code will fail to install.


It’s saying that it can’t find the compiler tools, I would assume that means that it can’t find some component of Visual Studio. @raelyard, do you have any suggestions?


I have reinstalled atom, also deleting everyting in .atom etc. Anyone having the same issues? I am unsure of how to debug this


Spent 6 hours on this, finally this worked:

set ATOM_NODE_URL=http://gh-contractor-zcbenz.s3.amazonaws.com/atom-shell/dist

Seem my coorporate proxy was behind it, but everything worked fine, listing updates, updating atom etc. So I never thought of trying out proxy things.

Anyway, for anyone with the same issue, hope it helps. TedThiCo’s reply in https://github.com/atom/apm/issues/322#issuecomment-96430856

Can't install any packages - Windows 7