Updating atom - Fedora


Can I update atom from atom itself without having to redownload the rpm from atom.io so as to save some bandwidth? (I think you can provide some sort of delta updates)


The Linux version doesn’t have any internal updater yet (except for packages of course).
As far as I know, only full releases are being provided at this point.


Okay. Thanks. (But Feature requested)


Strangely, I can’t see an open issue for this. Seems kinda obvious. Would you mind opening an issue on the repo to request auto-updating for Linux?

There may be technical reasons why this isn’t even logged as a request yet, let alone being worked on, but it’s worth having that issue so the core team can officially comment on it.


Done https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/7410


This is where adding Atom to official package repositories is being tracked:

Having Atom available through a package repository would probably be the best way to follow Linux standards for upgrade procedures.


Yea good point. Some people will prefer upgrading Atom via the normal software packagers of their distros.

Although personally, I like managing this directly in Atom, as I may bulk-update all my applications for Linux without looking at the details of each, and wouldn’t want Atom to be included as just one of the many updates there.
But that’s just me.


Perhaps through package manager delta updates may be hard (unless atom is splitted into multiple packages) .(The bad thing is I downloaded Atom this afternoon and Atom 1.0 just released )


I don’t think you’ll get delta updates any time soon.
As far as I know even the updaters for Windows and Mac are full downloads.


Perhaps I dont know/understand much but just asking. In each update is electron/webkit/backend update or only frontend components updated?


In any update, any part of Atom can be updated, whether Electron, any core component, or any pre-installed package.


Perhaps again I may be saying something wrong. In updates that do not need to lets say update core component/Electron (which may be difficult), if the update updates only frontend components (which may be easily updatable) then only frontend components should be updated. Perhaps split into two atom and atom-packages. Atom-packages can be updated ia the inbuilt interface while atom contains the core


Community packages (i.e. not the bundled ones) are not updated via the auto-updater. They are separate (you get the notifier in the lower right corner telling you how many of them have updates available) and you can update as you wish.

Core packages, however, are considered part of the Atom release. So they are part of what gets updated when there is a new release out (i.e. via the Help -> Check For Updates feature)


But thats not there in linux (dont know in atom 1.0 download failed)


No, you’re right. On Linux, only the community packages can be updated within Atom. There is no core release updater yet.


AFAIK on Linux this would be technically impossible if the initial installation was done via a RPM or DEB package.

The reason is that package managers keep track of what files each pacakge has installed, what version they are associated with, what commands they provide, etc… All those information are kept in files and DB that require sudo access and - however - are accessed via the RPM/DEB abi.

For a package to be able to self-update, it should be installed in userland instead. i’m under the impression that the messaging app Telegram (that in my understanding is electron-based) does exactly that.

The good news is: delta updates are natively supported by RPM (maybe DEB too?). The RPM itself contains the full code of the latest version, but the portion of it transmitted to the client only contains the information that has changed since the version installed. So you download the delta, recreate the full RPM and then install it.

Or at least this is my understanding of it… What I am sure of is that the download size with deltaRPM is minimal!