Updating, Atom and package versions, installs, and more - ideas


Currently i see that Atom works linearly with updates and stuff… meaning when you update to the latest version (as far as i know there is no way to revert back, except to reinstall Atom with the version you want).
Also updating packages (once you get the latest version of Atom) will get the latest package versions compatible with the latest version of Atom.

But recently the 1.13 Atom came out, and i updated to the latest version, lots of things were changed that rendered half of my packages unusable, and they will stay unusable until their authors update their code to work with Atom.
Because i don’t want to work without some of my packages, i’d rather stay with the previous version of Atom, and i believe it’s not just me.

Because of the stated above, i propose that when Atom updates itself, install it to a new directory and copy the settings/packages from the previous version, and continue from there - because the next step naturally, would be to update my packages (now if i see that some of my favorite packages are not updated i’d rather go and revert back Atom easily) - last time i updated Atom, i had to reinstall atom, uninstal/install each package that got updated with the latest version (Very uncool)

So i would like to be able to call different versions of Atom from my command line, e.g. “Atom [version###]” or change the shortcut to the [version###] of Atom.

This leads to another thing… it would be very nice small feature to show you the version package on the install menu before you update to the latest version (and tell you if there is an version up to date with the latest Atom version -as there is now but only if you have previous version of Atom and the package is not installed), or warn you about the packages witch are not updated yet.

Justification for my thoughts: Why Atom? in short- what makes Atom special without it’s many cool community packages?

And this makes me think… why not make more packages as core packages, i mean there are some features that lots of people are used to code with, and these packages, can’t hurt to anyone (if you don’t like something you can still disable it) - e.g. multiline selection… box selection, (maybe minimap?), highlight selected, etc… (all these are widely used)
Having stuff like this as core packages in Atom will be much more enjoyable experience for new comers, i spent like a week or so setting up Atom and searching for packages that i’d expected to ship with (and you can always have them choose on install - full setup/minimal/optimal (or choose advanced to chose package by package) and most importantly, when Atom team releases an updated, these packages will also get updated (i understand it’s more work but still, much more convenient for everyone for such features like these)

I’d also like to see more improved version of the package manager… currently it’s not so easy to discover packages, i’d like to see groups/tags and discover stuff more easily … i’d also like to see improvements how the packages are displayed // tabs/list/groups etc…

Well this turned out quite the wall of text… sorry about that… and maybe some of the features i asked for are already shipped with Atom? (i hope that’s the case lol)


Are you talking about the shadow DOM removal? Atom is supposed to be converting all style rules that include ::shadow or /deep/ to be compatible with the new way of doing things. Are you noticing specific packages that are disabled (not deprecated) following the update?


I would also echo @DamnedScholar’s comments and add that v1.13 was in Beta for approximately two months. We forewarned package authors that these changes were coming. This gave package authors plenty of time to test their packages with all the new changes. I’m not sure what else we could have done to make the transition any easier. At some point one has to fish or cut bait.

If you want more manual control over Atom’s update process, you can always go into the About view and uncheck “Automatically Install Updates”:

If you want to build something like this for yourself, it is certainly possible. The Atom maintainers aren’t going to build anything like that into the installation and update system of Atom though.

Because there are only so many Atom core maintainers and we can maintain a finite number of packages. I feel that we are currently at (or even a bit beyond) our limit with the packages we have now.

We already have a test surface with nine combinations: three OS platforms (macOS, Windows and Linux) and three versions (Stable, Beta and master). Now you would have us expand that to twenty-seven combinations by adding full, minimal and optimal package lists? I think you overestimate the number of people that we have available :grinning:

The problem is that everyone has a different set of packages that they would expect Atom to ship with. This is why we have the package system in the first place. Yes, it will take a bit more time to get things set up working just the way you want … but it will work the way you want. Any highly customizable environment has this problem. It is the price one pays for the ultimate in flexibility.

Atom’s package manager already offers tags which are included when searching:

If you have specifics as to what you mean here, please share. These sound like the easiest and most likely of your suggestions to implement.