Updated: Done - How to have two separate 2 columns (vertical sections) where the words on column/section A does not appear on column/section B


how do i make atom do this: have two vertical sections/pane/columns – where the text does connect with each other? fullscreen


Please describe your situation in more detail. If English isn’t your first language, using additional sentences to spell out every individual piece of your vision can be very helpful for us.


Please could you confirm if the following picture emulates what you are looking to do:


that is perfect!! omg

but does the text in the ‘section/column B’ flow into or is part of or connected to ‘section/column A’

cos it does in ms word

and dont want it to connect


oops the post was supposed to say

‘does not connect’

i dont know how to edit the posts, dont see an edit button, sry



I assume you hope to avoid synchronise (linked) scrolling when scrolling up/down.
That is not a problem.
If you want to have synchronised scrolling, you’ll need a package for that.

Try the following steps…
I assume you are using Windows. Pictures shown for Atom V1.22 Beta.

  1. Open the two file you wish to view.
    Use the project tree (left) or through FILE menu option or Ctrl+O.

    When opening a file from the tree:

    • double click for best results
    • single click opens file “temporarily”

    If you wish to open the same file twice – please let me know.

  1. You should have two page tabs.
    Click and drag the 2nd tab.
    A shadow will appear guiding you where the page will cling to if mouse button is released.

  1. Put the editor in full screen mode (optional).

  1. Toggle the menu bar to be hidden (optional)
    03_toggle menu bar
    To see/use the menu again, just press Alt

>> Up to now is standard functionality. For the bonus step you will need the zen package. Install via FILE -> Settings -> Install -> searching for “zen” [package]

  1. Activate the zen package (installed as a 3rd party / community package).
    From the command pallet Ctrl+Shift-P toggled as seen:

You should have what I demonstrated in my first response.
Are these the 'droids you were lookn for?`
- Dan


ok here’s how i understand this

say im at 2% knowledge of the relevant knoweldge of this topic

80% are at <1% say

say you’re at 80% knowledge

ok here’s how i understand this, most ppl would understand less than this

creating 2 columns/sections

  1. atom version .18 (most ppl woudl have this since this is what the ‘install’ button on stom installs i guess i dunno, i installed it a while back didnt use it

  2. there is 1 ‘page’/tab open

  3. there is blank page/tab next to that page/tab A

  4. tried dragging both over to the right (different places

  5. nothing really happened, no 2 cclumn,page/sections were created

  6. still only see 1 page

how to make fullscreen

  1. f11 > click ‘view’ - ‘toggle menu bar’ > press alt to ‘re-open/re-toggle thing’

installing extensions (extra features & things)

  1. crtl + , > click ‘install’ on left hand sidebar/panel

  2. search ‘zen’

this extension/feature/thing seems to remove the ‘treebar’/file directory thing

atom does not already have the ‘treebar’ open

unless there is a hotkey that closes that i may have pressed upon once a time

i dont think so tho



It is regrettable that my efforts was not helpful for your case. Perhaps you should focus your attention to the manual:

Pay special attention to

It is not apparent which OS you have. Please make sure you make the correct selection of OS when using the above links.

Atom V1.18 was current 3 months ago. At this moment V1.21 is the stable version. Mac users have seen some changes when it comes to tabs, for example. Please consider updating your software.

All official releases (stable and beta) are listed:

The tree-view can be toggled with Ctrl-\ on my Windows PC. The tree-view is automatically closed if no project folder has been added. A project folder can be added from the FILE menu.

As a last note - You seem to like shortcut keys. There is a place where you can read all the possible keys:



If you want to drag one tab to another pane, you need to create a second pane first. By default, Atom launches with one pane open. Right-click an anywhere in the text-editor of one pane and select one of the four split commands, e.g. “Split pane”. The Atom window should now be divided into two equally sized panes. You can now drag tabs of open files between those two tabs as described by Dan.

It sounds a lot like you should first get more accustomed with Atom before using it. Pay special attention to the glossary, so we can all use the same terminology.


The behaviour on Windows 7 as seen below ->



this works

i dragged the tab like you would on chrome, onto the ‘tabbar’ so that’s why it didnt work

what did you use to make a gif, tha tis cool

atom is now 1.21.1

i guess it just didnt update since i hadn’t used it

this may have worked cos of the update, probably not tho

crtl \ does not work to ‘turn on’ tree view, dunno why

‘The tree-view is automatically closed if no project folder has been added.’ – yea maybe that’s why


this part is just a lil bit about learning and how to learn effectively, which applies to atom:

  • gif and videos are 1000x better for how to use software and stuff that are visual like software

  • gif and videos are 1000x better than manual, i tried to read the manual and i couldnt understand anything. for example it uses the word ‘pane’ but this is not a common word in society, and 99% of ppl would not understanad this, including me

  • terms & glossary are best learn within context (like when you’re doing something), or like when you’re learning a language in a foreign nation, it’s better to go to that nation to learn it within oontext – i also didnt understand anything, it had no pictures

since some of these words are describing visual things, or ‘interactions’, then visuals are the best way, i dunno if there’s anything

maybe VR in the future :slight_smile:

documentations are currently being made for (and by) those that already have prior knowledge of w/e topic this stuff is

they are not being made to be helpful for the 99%


– ironically you will have us try to figure out what you are saying by only reading your words.
No pictures. No GIF. No videos.

I am having a tough time following your thoughts. (no disrespect intended)

Please read the informations @idleberg suggests.
Or speak with pictures/video next time.

PS: @idleberg is speaking to me too… so I say “thank you” for his contribution.


Nice one, didn’t know about this


I don’t know about @danPadric, but I use ShareX to make screenshots and recordings. It’s open-source and has some great features.


Thank you for the acknowledgement.

@DamnedScholar: You suggested it earlier and that is what I use now… a good suggestion!
:thinking: maybe you have a light-weight suggestion making mouse clicks visible?


This program works alright. It’s not FOSS, but has an evaluation mode.


…that is one of the first programs I found when using web search.
When buying that software, it would cost me the equivalent of USD50.00
when using the Big Mac Index.


I can’t see anywhere on that site or in the program that says that the evaluation mode is only for a limited time, so I think you can use it as much as you want without paying as long as you don’t mind that screen popping up.

  1. linked 2 videos

  2. the words used are not technical

  3. the words used were not describing any particular ‘parts’ of software