Updated Atom and Julia and now Julia won't work

I updated both Julia (to 1.3.1) and Atom and now Atom cannot find Julia. It keeps looking for the path for Julia 1.3.0 and cannot find it. How can I change the path in settings? Here is the message I get when I try to run Julia:


  1. Press ctrl+, (Ctrl + comma) to open atom Configuration
  2. Click packages -> Julia Client
  3. Edit Julia path settings


  1. I always set this setting to empty (which defaults to julia) and instead edit the System Environment PATH variable to point to the Julia binary
  2. Julia Atom plugin is unstable with regards to updates. Sometimes you have to delete your .atom folder (which is usually located in user’s home directory) and just reinstall the Juno plugin

I am working under Ubuntu 20.04.
Before an update of packages the Julia-Client worked properly.

Reinstallation, deletion of ~/.atom does not help. :frowning:

Julia is in the search path, I can start it from the terminal.
Inside atom I can open via Juno-Menu an external Julia
process (“open external REPL”).

I am lost :frowning: