Update plugins every night


Here’s a litte bash-script i use to update all plugins every night.
In the ~/.atom dir i created a file called ‘update_packages.sh’ (chmod 755) that my cron runs every night.
I hope you’ll enjoy

for dir in $(find ~/.atom/packages -type d -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1)
	do cd "$dir"
		echo Updating plugin: $(basename "$PWD")
		apm update
		echo ""


Are you intending on updating all your packages dependencies? Or do you want to get the latest version of the packages themselves? If the latter, you might want to be using apm upgrade


oh didn’t notice that, so there’s some improvements to be made, thanks!


You’re welcome! :smiley:


everything could be replaced by the command (in the cron)

apm upgrade -c false

Apm update error

could you update your initial script to match the latest findings?