Update manual install of atom


Hello all I had to install atom manually because at work there is a group policy on the appdata folder. I was able to get the zip file moved to a programs folder. I extracted all files but now I need to update it what is the best way to go about that?


The installer stores Atom in the appdata folder so that it can autoupdate things. Since you can’t store it in the appdata folder, I suspect you’ll have to manually update it.


How do I go about doing that? Do I just download the latest zip folder and then unzip it to the atom folder?


Yes, that would be my recommendation.


That doesn’t work for me it doesn’t update the version number of atom. also thank you for being active on the forums and helping me out.

  • Are all copies of Atom closed when you unzip to the folder?
  • Have you tried just wiping out the folder, creating it again and unzipping to it?


Doing a fresh install worked I was worried it would remove all my packages, but looking now it keeps those in a separate place


I’m glad this is working for you now. Thanks for the update!