Update flag


I have a message icon/flag telling me… An update will be installed the next time Atom is relaunched. Does’t seem to do what it says.
I am running 1.4.3 on OSX.


When you Click Atom > Restart and Install Update, what happens?


Nothing at all.


You click the menu item and the menu just stays there? The menu goes away and Atom doesn’t close? What exactly do you mean by “nothing happens”?


I do not have a ‘Restart and Install Update’ option in the Atom menu list.


Can you show a screenshot of the message you mention?


Sorry, but no. It is a red icon in the bottom right corner of the app window, on the status bar, positioned where a document’s file type is usually displayed, the message appears in a popup type box when you mouse over the icon, and clicking on it opens https://atom.io/releases. page.


Do you mean the squirrel icon here?


I believe so.


I have the same issue.
The squirrel icon persists although I apparently have the latest version of Atom - 1.7.3.
OSX 10.11.4


I have the same issue on Windows. I’m using Atom 1.14.3 ia32
the editor keeps showing me this blue squirrel
hovering the mouse over it says:

“an update will be installed the next time Atom is relaunched”
but when I click on it it shows that my atom is up to date
closing and relaunching also does not help!


Windows’ guy, maybe it’s just permission problem. Try to run atom as administrator or change the folder installation to be owned by you and you are granted full.