Update Featured Packages


While I’m usually up-to-date about new package submissions (thanks to that Twitter bot), I think many would appreciate if the ”featured packages“ changed every now and then (once a month? once in a quarter?) There are so many great packages out there worth to be discovered!

And, come on, activate-power-mode is fun for a minute, but it’s been featured for ages! :wink:


Do you have suggestions? Sometimes it is hard to find the time to take a look at new packages (especially if I’ve got Atom configured just right :laughing:) and juggle everything else :grinning:


Do you have suggestions?

I’m already away from the computer for the day, but I’ll throw in some recent favourited packages on my iPad:


Actually, set-syntax is an huge favourite of mine! Since you might be to modest to feature it, let me nominate it!

Anyone who reads this, throw in some candidates, but not the obvious ones!

I’ve got Atom configured just right

I know the feeling :slight_smile:


I’m especially interested in hearing about packages that people feel push the boundaries of what editors typically do or showcase unique ways in which Atom is extensible. This is why activate-power-mode was selected … most other editors’ UI can’t be extended in such a way.


These are mine:


Coming from Brackets (i.e toolbar overload), I’d say for one tool-bar/flex-tool-bar are a welcomed addition that I was missing.

Before this thread I was always wondering how often the Featured Packages were updated, and always found it awesome to find new packages to try. Would love to see this updated monthly or something.

Since I use rather basic packages, I’d put in a vote for the tool-bar packages, atom-2048 and screen-recorder (what an awesome one for package authors to easily make example .gifs of their work) out of the ones already mentioned.

A few more:


I think this feature is better suited to be automated / dynamic. Of course, moderators could temporarily pin certain packages, but it should be mostly automatic. For example, it could be based on the growth rate of packages, such as number of downloads per week, star count (either Atom or Github or both) and/or frequency of releases.

Some ideas:

  • A good balance of popular and new(ish) packages (based on number of downloads) would be nice. Promoting small packages feels like the point of a featured package section, but sometimes there are big ones that I only find out about ages after I’d have liked to. Of course, completely new packages may be a bad choice to advertise to a large audience. It would be better to show ones in the 10 000 - 100 000 download range. Even making this range configurable could be an idea.

  • Making each user get a different set of packages would also help. When the majority of users who see a specific package download it, it could then be shown to a wider audience. To determine if users are downloading it, those who have telemetry data enabled could just send it directly. For those who don’t though, the download count/rate could be compared from before being featured to during the feature, and contrasted against the number of people it was featured to.

  • Filtering out already installed packages

  • An options box next to each entry, with an I'm not interested choice, to hide or reduce it’s appearance in the future.

  • Suggest based on already installed packages

I can’t remember a time when my featured list wasn’t Hydrogen, atom-clock, hey-pane, scroll-through-time, etc. I’m getting tired of seeing the same mushroom every time I open the install packages tab…

I understand if this isn’t a priority. I do feel that discoverability is half the battle with packages though, and dynamically suggesting packages based on these factors would help everyone.