Update apm itself

My apm version is 2.5.2, and I want to update to the latest version: 2.6.1

How do I do that?

apm --help

apm - Atom Package Manager powered by https://atom.io

Usage: apm

where is one of:
ci, clean, config, dedupe, deinstall, delete, dev, develop, disable, docs,
enable, erase, featured, home, i, init, install, link, linked, links, list,
ln, lns, login, ls, open, outdated, prune, publish, rebuild,
rebuild-module-cache, remove, rm, search, show, star, starred, stars, test,
uninstall, unlink, unpublish, unstar, update, upgrade, view.

Run apm help <command> to see the more details about a specific command.

apm update apm didn’t work
apm upgrade apm didn’t work
apm update didn’t work
apm upgrade didn’t work
Those are for packages, not for apm itself

Hi @icecream17.

apm is bundled with Atom in a way that’s not meant to be updated, other than as part of a full Atom update. There might be a way to do it by manually replacing the apm files on disk, but this is definitely not officially supported. If you’re pointedly interested in that I can take a close look at it and see what the steps might look like, given the OS.

Hopefully there will be a new copy of apm included in Atom soon, since there was recently an Electron bump on the main development branch. And apm is usually updated in Atom around the time of every Electron update. But then that would be another two stable releases before it would be included in a stable release of Atom.

Best Regards.

- DeeDeeG