Upcoming change to the Pane commands in v1.6.0


This PR refining the pane commands in Atom was just merged for inclusion in v1.6.0 (currently in the Dev channel, no ETA on when this will make it to Beta or Stable):

The short version:

  • If you use the built-in keybindings for splitting panes, nothing will change
  • If you have custom keybindings for splitting panes, they may need to be updated to maintain the same behavior

The slightly longer version:

The important thing to note is that while the built-in keybindings for the “Split Pane: {Direction}” set of commands haven’t changed their behavior, the underlying commands have changed. In the old system the window:split-pane-right command would create a new pane to the right and the currently active file in the left pane would open in the right pane. After this PR the window:split-pane-right command will only create a new pane to the right of the current pane. A new command was created for the old behavior window:split-pane-right-and-copy-active-item. There are new commands for up, down, left and right.

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Has there been any thought given to having a command like window:split-pane-right-and-move-active-item? This is what I want to do 100% of the time I’m splitting panes. I’ve been using the pane-split package for this, but it may not work on the latest.