Up/Down arrow in find


I don’t care for the way the up and down arrow keys work in the find pane. I keep hitting “up” and losing the text of what I’m searching for. Am I the only one not used to this? Is there a way to alter the behavior?


I would prefer that up-arrow moved the cursor to the beginning of the line, like most Mac apps, but up-arrow is useful for selecting previous find expressions. Personally I can get used to using cmd-a instead.

At least down-arrow reliably restores the value if I screw up and up-arrow when I meant cmd-a (unlike Sublime Text, in which up-arrow often erases the value–drives me crazy).


Actually I didn’t know the arrow keys did that and I’m really happy to find out about it.

If it were changed, another keyboard-friendly mechanism would be needed for moving through previous searches. Ctrl-p / ctrl-n for previous / next are common.