Unzip files to where?


Downloading Best Atom Packages for WordPress and yes I am a newbie SO
I have the zip files downloaded but when I unzip them is there some where I should be specific downloading them to i.e. just doing the litner php language one right now


Don’t try to install packages manually until you know what you’re doing. Start by installing them through the Install tab in Atom’s settings. If you want more advanced capability like installing a bunch at once, you might try exploring the apm command-line interface.

If you must install a package manually, you’re going to want to set aside a folder for the packages you’re downloading. Then open Atom and run the Github: Clone command. Paste in the URL of the repository you want to download. Once that’s done, you can open a command line window and go to that folder, or use a package like termination. Type in apm install and apm link and the package will be installed in the most secure manner, with the ability for you to use git to update it if you want.


Thanks. I was able to install all the plugins with the Install tab in Atom. This is the Language PHP files that need to be done manually. I have the Zip files in the download folder but will follow what you have stated and create a file folder and unzip the files to it . Then I will figure out and run the Github: Clone … I have figured out how to open the command line window in Atom. … what is termination?

LOL has been over 15 years since I did any coding … kind of fun being back but man oh man like going from the '60’s to the '90’s the changes are amazing and it is like starting to learn to walk and talk at the same time all over again… appreciate the support and help.


Mind posting a URL I could follow? I don’t know of any language package that you would have to install manually.

I have the Zip files in the download folder

If you already have the zip file, you don’t have to clone it. However, if you want to be able to keep the package up to date with new developments, using git is a substitute for the update behavior you get when you install a package through Atom. If you don’t know why you would ever want to update it, don’t worry.

I have figured out how to open the command line window in Atom. … what is termination?

termination is a package that gives you access to your command line inside Atom. As with many common tasks, there are several packages that accomplish this. If you tell me which package you’re using, I can adjust my suggestions.

appreciate the support and help.

No problem. :slight_smile:


Another interesting part of this journey was while talking to host tech support they could log into my account with them but I could not. My credentials were not being recognized. and trying to log onto website still 500 error.

I am using Google Chrome and this appears to be having something to do with things as when I switched browsers I was able to log into the host server and get to my dashboard.
Yes cache cleared many times but I am reluctant to clear history at this point in time.

After a bit of searching the tech found that there was something strange going on with where my site was pointing to … so he was repointing the DNS manager IP value to what it is supposed to be.

If I can get the site up on a different browser I am going to take prints of the pages and get rid of the site and rebuild from scratch. It is not a large site so do not mind doing this as it will start out fresh and not be tied anyway to previous users long gone and not involved any longer.

Not familiar with Wordpress.org or creating a site with their software so I am taking a long shot on thinking I do this there first and then upload to my host from Wordpress.org.


Links to where I got zip from… see last email for where I got these links from
Took a bit but the PHP language zip file came from here

Link came from here


wordpress.org doesn’t host sites. That’s wordpress.com. wordpress.org is where you go to download the software and learn about or contribute to the open-source side of things. You can start a site on wordpress.com, then export it (from inside Wordpress, not from PHPMyAdmin) and import it onto the Wordpress install located on your host. You can do this from your own computer, too, if you install XAMPP.

Let’s be clear: you’re talking about linter-php, right? As you can see from that link, it exists in the Atom package registry, so you don’t need to install it manually. I’m not sure where you got the idea that you had to do it yourself. Please don’t try to install packages manually until you’ve gotten some more experience.

Here’s another thing that you should consider very important: being clear about what pieces of code you’re actually using. In your first message, you said, “the Language PHP files”. Well, there’s a package called language-php, but it’s a core package and comes with every Atom install by default. I had no way of knowing that you meant linter-php; all I knew is that what you said couldn’t possibly be accurate. It’s not important that you format the package names like I do, but it is important for you to use the correct name when talking about a package.


Thanks again. I am not sure how I got to the site with the installs and this “language” thing and wording came from reading the article.
I am aware what languages are and had read the PHP was the main language in WP, so hence I thought this link to the fellows site was correct.
My mistake for not understanding the base ingredients of Atom! and that all that time was wasted in adding the installs (all of which worked great from the fellows site except the manual language file).

Maybe I should just offload the whole thing and start again with a clean Atom download / install.


Reinstalling Atom won’t make it “clean”. All of your packages are stored in the .atom/ folder in your user directory. You can also uninstall individual packages if you need to, so you don’t need to do anything as drastic as starting from zero again.