Unwanted characters


I am using atom with lisp
and in the repl I always get these characters after executing a form e.g. (+ 2 3)


Hiding invisibles does nothing to stop here
Would appreciate any help - otherwise back to emacs


Atom doesn’t have any ability to process code, so if you’re using a Lisp REPL, you must be using a package. Which one is it? Can you provide a screenshot of the behavior?


I installed

and then packages->slime->start
then just entered valid lisp code
I have tried this on 2 windows machines and one linux machine
same problem on all 3


I think (not 100% sure) but I think the characters are sub and esc


100% sure
the 3 characters are esc sub esc


You should speak to the maintainers of the atom-slime package about this. Go there and open an issue, and provide them with screenshots.