Unusual find-and-replace:select-next behavior


I’ve just noticed that the find-and-replace:select-next (cmd-d by default) functionality of Atom doesn’t detect “similar parts” in the code if what I select is only a part of e.g. a string. It seems to only find “whole” words. Here’s an example to clarify:

something something <-- some is being selected, second “some” is not found
something something <-- something is being selected, second “something” is found

If I have two times the word something and I only select the "some" part from the first word. Then I trigger the select-next function. The some part of the second something word isn’t detected. If I select the whole something word instead, the second something is being found. I was “used” to find substrings in Sublime text and it feels kind of weird not to be able to find the pattern I’ve selected but only the “whole word”.

Is this a bug / work in progress or unprovided on purpose? Thanks!


This works correct for me (is selecting part of the word).

Could this bug be refferred to syntax or other package you are using?


Hmm interesting, I’ve tested it with a new installation and it works. Thanks for your help!


This still happens every now and then for me (0.178.0). A restart of Atom makes it work again.