Unsure of how to switch windows


Hi all,
I’m struggling to find any documentation around switching windows that exist in the same “harness” (for lack of a better word". If they were open in different harnesses, the command cmd + backtick works to shift between them. However, if they are open in the same harness, I’m not aware of a way to switch between them besides clicking on the “window tab” above the normal set of tabs, or using the dropdown "Window"and clicking the different context.

Is this not possible without using the mouse? I can move left and right between tabs by using cmd + { or cmd + } - is there no analog for switching between windows in the same harness?

Shortcut for cycling between MacOS Sierra Tabs

Can you share a screenshot with some arrows and text that show what you mean by “harness”? I thought at first you meant window, but after reading your post again I thought you meant tabs, but now I’m not sure :smile:


I wouldn’t be using the term harness, except “window” is used in the toolbar to describe both the ~/Library window and the ~/Google Drive window in this situation.


I’m wondering how to switch from the ~/Google Drive window to the ~/Library window without using the mouse to click on a window tab, or clicking into the Window menu.

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Ohhh I see, thanks for the screenshot - it looks like you have that setting enabled where a new window will open as a tab in macOS?

I enabled it but didn’t see a way to switch between these types of tabs and my Google-ing was unsuccessful because most people were talking about switching tabs within a window rather between these “window tabs/harnesses”.


I have the same problem.


I have a similar issue - any ideas hwo to solve it now that native tabs are back?