Unstaged Files slow to refresh



I’m using Ubuntu 18.10 and Atom 1.33.0. When editing a file and saving… the “unstaged changes” pane is never updates immediately. It typically takes over 1 minute (sometimes a few) for the changed file to appear in unstaged changes.

Is there a way to make that immediate?

If I use GitKracken, the change shows there immediately.



Do the files appear after you do something in particular, or do you just notice them show up after a minute or so?

If you click to focus out of Atom and then click back into Atom, does that update the unstaged changes?


I just notice them show up after a minute or so. It’s just particularly annoying if there’s a one line bug fix to make and check-in… having to wait to actually check it in till the file shows up.

That said, the changed file isnt highlighted in the tree pane on the left (not sure what to call it) either (ie. the file name isn’t highlighted yellow), but if i collapse the file’s parent folder and expand it again… then it is highlighted.


Actually, I’ve just had the problem again, and collapsing/expanding the tree view doesn’t cause the Upstaged Files pane to update like I thought


And does changing focus out of Atom and then back into Atom make the changes show up?


Yes, when changing focus between Atom to Firefox, then back… the changes show.


This issue sounds similar but specifically mentions symlinks:

Are you using a symlnk-ed project directory?


It turns out, yes i am


Ahh ok thanks for confirming - then it looks like you’re running into https://github.com/atom/github/issues/1748. You can subscribe there for updates if you’d like.